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La Pelle Wines

From the shovel’s first plunge into the vineyard soil, to its last scrape of the fermentation tank, La Pelle wines are equally crafted in the vineyard and in the cellar and are a true collaboration between farmer and winemaker.


La Pelle Wines was founded in 2016 by Maayan Koschitzky, Miguel Luna and Pete Richmond with a mission to create terroir-driven wines that are the ultimate expression of the sites from which the fruit is sourced.

Though their backgrounds are varied (Maayan ~ a winemaker and farmer from Israel, Miguel ~ a viticulturist and winemaker from Mexico, and Pete ~ a vineyard manager and business owner from Northern California), all three share a connection to farming, a curiosity about the science of winegrowing and a love of Napa Valley.

With La Pelle, they are fulfilling a common desire to explore how management of vines at the ground level translates into the creation of high-quality wines that exude freshness, acidity and are balanced with complexity and depth.

Sourced exclusively from vineyards tended to by Silverado Farming Company (which Pete founded in 2001 and Miguel joined as Partner in 2015), La Pelle controls all farming and in addition has access to some of the finest vines in Napa Valley.

With each vintage, Maayan and Miguel confer closely throughout all phases of winegrowing; from pruning, canopy management and timing of picks, to winemaking technique, barrel selection and aging.

The name “La Pelle” translates from French as “The Shovel” and is a fitting symbol of this special collaboration, as it is the single tool used in both vineyard and cellar alike.